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Day Programs

Our day programs provide an active, fun, and community integrated environment for those served. Each day program always has a new and exciting event to look forward too. The four available programs are listed below, click on one to launch the program’s brochure.

Lorin Robinson Center

900 B Twin View Blvd

Redding, CA 96003

Ph: 530.247.8324

Skills Development  Center

160 Masonic Ave

Redding, CA 96003

Ph: 530.245.1734

Intermountain Services

37009 HWY 299 E

Burney, CA 96013

Ph: 530.335.2833


Trinity Services

1756 Main St

Weaverville, CA

Ph: 530.623.6881

    We offer:





Applicants will not be denied access to services on discrimination against or on the basis of age, sex, ethnicity, religion, marital status, political interest, disability, or in any other manner as prescribed by State or Federal Law.